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Sport Park Vallée-Béreult

Sport Park Vallée-Béreult

Le Havre, France

Sport Park Vallée-Béreult

Le Havre, France

Creation of a landscaped sports park as part of the renovation of the Vallée-Béreult / Graville-la-Vallée neighborhood

City of Le Havre / Seine-Maritime Departmental Council

LAND'ACT / CHABANNE Architect (mandataire) / CHABANNE Ingénierie (BET VRD) / CHABANNE Energétique (BET Fluides et Thermique) / OSMOSE (BET Ingénierie sportive) / ECHOLOGOS (Acoustique)

Competition Winner in 2020 / Studies in 2021

Full mission

8,300,000 €

44,425 m²

The sports park will consist of a 14,000 m² urban park for sports and leisure activities and a CFA-approved soccer stadium with three fields and a 300-seat grandstand, as well as a running track.

The transversal park will reinforce the east-west axis of the project by its linearity, offering residents a safe and soothing crossing. Particular attention will be paid to shaded areas, which are currently limited in Jean Dubuffet Park. This space will host a sports course dedicated to jogging as well as to walking, in a school or free setting. Finally, the square in front of the kindergarten to the north-east will be redesigned with protective spaces against bad weather and sun.

The project will also host numerous sports and recreational activities, such as a skatepark open to all types of activities, a secure climbing wall close to the ground, and a streetball court (3-on-3 basketball). Workout-type sports equipment (accessible to all) will be set up throughout the park and picnic areas will be available to both high school students during the week and families on weekends. Finally, the park will have a graffiti wall and an amphitheater for the organization of open stage cultural events. The entire outdoor facilities will be accessible to people with reduced mobility without the need for elevators.


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