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Jacques Chirac Park

Rueil-Malmaison, France

Jacques Chirac Park

Rueil-Malmaison, France

Landscaping of the park crossing the Arsenal eco-district

SPLA Rueil Aménagement

LAND'ACT / SEGIC (mandataire) / VIZEA

Phase 1 AVP in 2019 / Phase 2 DCE in 2019 / Start of the Phases 1 & 2 in 2020 / Delivery of the southern part of the park in October 2021 / Delivery of final part in 2023

Full mission

4,000,000 €

2.2 hectares

In the heart of one of the largest ZACs in France, the ZAC de l’Arsenal, for which LAND’ACT is responsible for the development of public spaces, a large linear green promenade will be built. This large park will allow the whole district to be connected and will provide a green breathing space in the heart of a high density district. It is composed in the manner of an English-style park, all curves, offering a generous and abundant nature; a real breathing space in the heart of the eco-district.

This vast 2-hectare space will feature a collection of tall trees, with the ambition of creating an arboretum for the benefit of the people of rueillois and a discovery trail of the different tree species planted. A large winding walkway will cross the park from north to south, winding between large masses of trees and more open spaces in the form of lawns and “sunken gardens” that will also be able to collect rainwater.

To the north, the park widens and will propose a “rising landscape” on planted terraces that will accompany the emergence of taller buildings in this sequence. The park proposes various uses such as a cultural path, recreational activities, large lawns for picnics or other outdoor games.

Photos credit © LAND'ACT


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