Land’Act was born from the merger in 2015 of the agencies TUP and TRAITVERT created by Philippe Thébaud and Eric Manfrino over 25 years ago. The agency now has nearly 50 employees.

Land’Act proposes an integrated offer on all the trades attached to Land’Act offers an integrated offer for all the trades related to landscaping and urban development, in a systemic and global approach for greener cities.

Business areas

Land’Act provides project owners with proven know-how and skills for the success of ambitious, innovative and sustainable projects.






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In Levallois (office), Nice (South agency) and Bordeaux (West agency), Land’Act brings together multidisciplinary teams, urban or natural landscape designers, passionate and deeply committed. We are united by one ambition : to contribute to the emergence of a “Natural City”, desirable and sensitive, where each project becomes the harmonious vector of better living together.

Eric Manfrino

Executive Chairman

Co-founder of LAND'ACT in 2014, founder of Traitvert in 1992, Eric MANFRINO has striven for more than 25 years to bring to the landscape his own vision by focusing on the quality of use of all his professional creations. The numerous projects managed allow him to claim an extended understanding in both urban and peri-urban studies as well as large experience in project management of public spaces of various dimensions. Eric is constantly in search of innovative expressions in the field of outdoor equipment.

Benjamin Thébaud

Managing Director

Benjamin THEBAUD, Managing Director and co-founder of Land'Act and former director of TUP (Thebaud Urbanism and Landscape) graduated from the ISG International Business School (Master Grande École New York / Tokyo / Paris) and enhances the company’s skills and know-how by building on an experience of more than 100 projects in France and abroad (La Défense, Geneva, Shanghai, Hangzhou, Abu Dhabi, Moscow, Nantes, Orleans, etc.).
Brought to Landscape Architecture by his father, Philippe THEBAUD, passionate about digital technologies, he builds on his experience as co-founder of the digital agency GVA to ensure the permanent opening of Land’Act towards the BIM / LIM and new digital technologies.

Philippe Thébaud


Philippe THEBAUD began his career in the Ministry of Equipment with a mandate on the integration of landscape into urban projects before undertaking various stays overseas with the l’Atelier d’Urbanisme Antilles Guyane. He created his company (1972) and then an original entity, TUP (Thebaud Urbanism and Landscape), in 1986 with which he accomplished many projects in France and worldwide.

Benjamin Prévost

Deputy General Manager

Graduated from the Paris School of urban ingeneering in 2009, Benjamin PREVOST joined the TUP agency as a project manager. He became project director and partner in 2015 and then Deputy General Manager in 2021. The many large-scale projects on which he has worked or led allow him to acquire solid experience, both in France and abroad. Today, as Deputy General Manager at LAND'ACT, his role is refocused on large-scale and complex projects requiring organization and fine relationships with multiple partners and Project Owners. At the same time, he brings his expertise in public procurement and business management to support project managers.

Anne Augarde

Landscape Architect

Right after graduating from École supérieure d'architecture des jardins et des paysages (E.S.A.J.) in 1986 as a major of her promotion, Anne AUGARDE joined TUP (Thebaud Urbanism and Landscape). Partner at TUP and later at Land'Act, she is one of the most experienced Land’Act team member in the design of landscaped spaces. During her career, she has worked on all types and sizes of landscape and urbanism projects. Her intensive experience and versatility make her one of the pillars of the design department at Land’Act.

Dominique Moreau

Landscape Architect

After graduating from the École supérieure d'architecture des jardins et des paysages (E.S.A.J.) in 1998, Dominique MOREAU began his career at the Jean Restouiex Landscape Studio as landscape project manager. He joined the TUP (Thebaud Urbanism and Landscape) team in 2002 as project manager and was appointed director of the design department in 2014. He then became a partner in the company and worked on numerous projects in France and abroad, especially with major private accounts for which he accomplished various projects of variable scales ranging from the marina to the upscale private garden while working on urban planning and development projects. He has also a great experience in designing landscape spaces in hotel industry.

Gaëlle Tréguier

Landscape Architect

After graduating the École supérieure d'architecture des jardins et des paysages (E.S.A.J.) in 2004 (previously having obtained a BTS in Landscaping in 2001), Gaëlle TREGUIER quickly became self-employed with the creation of the Arbor & Sens landscape practice. From 2005 to 2007, projects such as a pedagogical public garden in Luxembourg, or the design and making of private terraces and events for Who's Next would allowed her to enrich her professional experience. In January 2007, after selling her shares to other Arbor & Sens partners , she joins Traitvert which would later become Land'Act. In 2011 she became a partner.

Christophe Jegaden

Landscape Architect

After graduating from École supérieure d'architecture des jardins et des paysages (E.S.A.J.) in 1999, Christophe JEGADEN joined the Pruvost Agency in 1999 where he worked as an assistant landscape designer for two years.
Occasionally, he put his skills at the service of two landscape practices (OSTY and TER) to take part in various landscape design contests and their achievement. In 2001, he joined Arpage where he worked as project manager on various projects for five years. In 2007, he joined Traitvert (which became Land'Act in 2015) and became partner in 2012. During the years he worked as project manager, he gained experience in following up of implementation missions of the public areas, furniture and fountaining (hydraulics) design. He also is a plant engineering and phyto-purification system expert.

Alexis Bertin

Landscape Architect

Graduated from École supérieure d'architecture des jardins et des paysages (E.S.A.J.) in 1999, Alexis BERTIN started his professional career at the agency Paysage & Architecture (Paris). In 2000, he joined Laure Quoniam (Paris) as project manager until 2005. From 2006 to 2008, Alexis worked in Morocco as a free-lance on numerous private initiatives and also participated in the projects of the company Carey Duncan Design (Rabat) for the Kingdom of Morocco. Back in France in 2009, he continued his activities independently before joining Traitvert in 2011 (which became Land'Act). He graduated in 2016 from the International Water Organization, and owns a specialization in alternative management of rainwater.

Gérald Bonne

Director of South Office / Landscape Architect

Mathilde Foucault

Head of West Office / LIM® Manager

Olivier Jacquemet

Digital Landscape Designer / LIM® & Digital model Referent / IT Manager

With an initial training in horticulture, attracted by computer graphics and multimedia techniques, Olivier JACQUEMET then continued with a Professional Degree in Landscape Management with a computer graphics option in Saint-Ilan. He joined the TUP team in 1997 and then GVA (Géo Vision Avenir) in 2000. In charge of the permanent opening of the Agency towards the new computer technologies necessary to the development of the activity of LAND'ACT, he intervenes on all the computer graphics files and 3D models. Since 2015, he is the BIM/LIM® (Landscape Information Modeling) referent and responsible for the implementation of the agency's IT.

Matthieu Pichereau

Urban Planning Engineer

Matthieu PICHEREAU graduated from the Ecole des Ingénieurs in Paris in 2011 (EIVP) and joined TUP (Thebaud Urbanism and Landscape) which became Land’Act in 2015. He is specialized in the technical development of projects and the follow-up of the various private and public construction sides both in France and abroad.

Claire Gauthey

Landscape Architect / Communication Officer

With a Bachelor Degree in Geography in Territorial Developmentand a Master 1 in Environment at Paris 1 Panthéon Sorbonne, Claire GAUTHEY joined the TUP (Thebaud Urbanism and Landscape) team in 2011. Since then she has assisted project managers in developing various projects. She is also in charge of communication duties (website management, publication of our newsletter…).

Clément Prudhomme

Landscape Architect / Urban Planner

Corentin Boucheras

Landscape Architect

Corentin is a landscape Designer who graduated from E.S.A.J (École supérieure d’architecture des jardins et des paysages), with an IFLA affiliation (International Federation of Landscape Architects).
He got a Bachelor’s degree in geography and territory planning in 2013 and a Master degree of landscape design in 2016. Corentin BOUCHERAS joined the LAND’ACT team in June 2016 after one year of internship. During his studies he took part in numerous internships and assignments at several landscape studios and plant nurseries where he could discover different aspects of his profession.
At Land’Act he is involved in various projects including those related to BIM / LIM.

Barbara Castellazzi

Landscape Architect / Architect D.P.L.G.

Styven Braz

Landscape Architect D.P.L.G.

Anne Firmain

Landscape Architect

Loïc Vaillant de Guélis

Landscape Engineer

Coline Rathier

Landscape Architect

Clélia Malekakis

Landscape Architect / Urban Designer

Clelia MALEKAKIS holds a diploma in Landscape Architecture (2013) and a Master’s degree (M.Sc.) in Landscape Architecture and Urban Design from the University of Copenhagen (2016).
She has joined LAND'ACT team since March 2018, where she applies her knowledge in landscape and urban design, and project management. She has an interest in urban ecology and design of green-blue infrastructure as means to address urban growth and adaptation of cities to climate change. She aspires to continue using her skills to contribute to the creation of places where people and nature both thrive.

Arnaud de Colnet

Landscape Architect / Urban Planner

Aymeric Soubieux

Landscape Architect

Florian Reignier

Urban Designer

Gianpaolo Sanna

Landscape Architect

Eliot Campbell

Landscape Architect

Laura Libert

Landscape Architect

Anca Poschina


Céline Mettens

Landscape Engineer

Graduated from Agrocampus Ouest Angers (former Institut National d’Horticulture et de Paysage) with a Landscape Engineer Diploma in 2017, Céline METTENS expanded her skills during an Eramsus at the ETSAM (Ecole Technique Supérieure d’Architecture de Madrid)., she spent her end-of-course internship in El Salvador, in a Latin-America-French NGO that promote interactive urban planning and land use management initiatives. When she returned to France, she worked one year for ATER Environnement, an energy engineering consultant for the development of wind and photovoltaic farms. She currently work as a landscaper assistant on behalf of Land’Act.

Louise Maury

Urban Designer

Marine Pugin

Landscape Architect

Jeanne Martin

Landscape Engineer / LIM® & Dynamo Referent

Ingénieur Paysagiste Conceptrice diplômée d’Agrocampus Ouest Centre d’Angers en 2017, Jeanne MARTIN a complété son parcours par la conception et réalisation du jardin « L’homme qui aimait les fleurs », lors du Festival International des Jardins de Chaumont-sur-Loire en 2017, où son équipe a reçu le Prix Spécial du jury. Elle a ensuite été embauchée chez Urbaterra, bureau d’études VRD et Paysage à Angers, où elle a développé le BIM pour l’agence.

En 2019, elle rejoint Land’Act pour renforcer le pôle numérique, spécialisé sur le BIM/LIM®.

Thomas Debuf

Landscape Architect

Enrique Fernandez Martinez

Landscape Architecte DEP

Après avoir été Diplômé en Business Management par l’Université Rey Juan Carlos I (Espagne), Enrique FERNANDEZ MARTINEZ décide de changer son parcours et de suivre la formation de Paysagiste DEP à l’Ecole Nationale Supérieur de Paysage de Versailles.
Il commence sa carrière en Italie, dans le studio de Franco Zagari paysagiste de renom mondial puis chez Coffice où il travaille sur des projets de renouvellement urbain internationaux et locaux. En France, Enrique travaille d’abord en région Bordelaise chez A+R paysagistes avant de rejoindre Endroits en Vert à Paris.
Ces expériences lui ont permis de travailler à plusieurs échelles et sur toutes les phases opérationnelles, pour des clients privés et publics. Il s’intéresse fortement à la lutte contre les îlots de chaleur et à la gestion des eaux dans les projets de réaménagement urbain, reliant les notions techniques au design.
Enrique rejoint l'équipe LAND'ACT en novembre 2021.

Islam Belbachir

Archictect / Landscape Architect

A graduate of the École Nationale Supérieure d'Architecture Paris-Malaquais, Islam Belbachir decided to complete her studies by joining the École Nationale Supérieure de Paysage de Versailles. After several experiences in architectural agencies in Algeria and Paris, she joined the agency LAND'ACT in 2022, and participated in projects linking architecture and landscape.

Silvain El Khoury

Architect / Urban planner

Graduated from the Lebanese University of Beirut in 2011 with a master’s degree in architecture and acquired a master’s degree in landscape architecture in 2014. Silvain El Khoury obtained a DSA in architecture and urban project "territorial projects" at the National Superior School of Architecture Paris La Villette. He joined Land'Act in 2022 as a project manager after a career enriched with experience in architecture, landscape and urban planning agencies both in France and abroad.

Fanny Tardieu

Urban planner

Hadjer Hammache

Architect / Urban planner

Architecte diplômée en 2019 de l’Ecole Polytechnique d’Architecture et d’Urbanisme d’Alger (EPAU).
Son intérêt pour la ville contemporaine et les défis du XXIe siècle auxquels elle doit faire face l’ont poussé à entreprendre une seconde formation en Aménagement et Design Urbain à l’Institut d’Urbanisme et de Géographie de Grenoble (IUGA). Cela lui a permis d’acquérir des compétences en matière de maitrise d’œuvre urbaine, conception d’espace public et animation de projets urbains, architecturaux et paysagers.
Son parcours de formation riche et des expériences professionnelles diverses qui lui donne aujourd’hui une solide culture tant sur la ville que sur les modalités de sa fabrique. Hadjer rejoint l'équipe de Nice en Septembre 2022.

Francine Gouron

Management Assistant

In 2004, Francine GOURON joined the TUP Agency (which became Land’Act in 2015) to monitor all the technical files with the operations managers. Since 2004, she has assisted the General Directorate on administrative and financial management.

Kristof Fekete

Landscape Architect

Kasia Hutois

Administrative Assistant

Kasia HUTOIS is an administrative assistant in charge of customer invoicing and management of various agency files. She joined TRAITVERT in 2014, which will become LAND’ACT in 2015.

Fernicia Kihoulou

Administrative Assistant


In a world where global warming is becoming an absolute emergency, where heat waves will increase, as will the floods and pollution peaks that accompany them, our urban environments must be profoundly reinvented.

We want to show, through all of our projects, that landscape and nature offer pragmatic answers for a quality, sustainable and peaceful living environment.

Land’Act became involved very early on in the issue of territorial resilience through NBAS*, understanding nature as a powerful and frugal resource that allows cities to become more resilient in the face of climate disruption.

Aware of the responsibilities incumbent on our profession and of the difficulties in matching this urgency with the means allocated to landscape projects, we are obliged to constantly reexamine ourselves, to look elsewhere, in order to integrate into our projects the most innovative and sustainable solutions, but also the most adapted to the greatest number of our citizens.

*Nature-based Adaptation Solutions
Notion promoted by the ADEME: “The NBAS can correspond for example to actions of vegetation in the city, restoration or preservation of wetlands, implementation of agroecological practices, designed to meet the challenges of climate change, as well as an objective of preserving biodiversity.

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