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Auguste Delaune Park

Auguste Delaune Park

Goussainville, France

Auguste Delaune Park

Goussainville, France

Requalification of the stadium in urban park

Ville de Goussainville

LAND'ACT / DEGOUY (BET VRD et infrastructures) / ATM (BET hydraulique) / FC URBAN DESIGNER (Fontainerie) / SINTEO (BET Développement Durable)

Competition Winner in 2018 / Delivery in 2019

Full mission

3,365,000 €

1.8 hectare

A new urban park

The urban park of Goussainville is built on a former sports ground. This development will make it possible to develop a green space in the city center and recreate the connections between the various adjacent districts which were cut off by the sports field.

The park is built around a large sloping meadow allowing the management of rainwater and serving as a retention basin during heavy rains. A large mineral square with a dry fountain will allow the installation of various activities and festivities. A large play area separated into two ages takes place in the east, while a large hillock surmounted by a kiosk allowing a full view of the development takes place in the west. This mound will allow a balance in the management of land movements with the sloping meadow.

A circular walk will allow you to enjoy the entire development while allowing a long walk under tree cover.

Credit : Photos © LAND'ACT / Video : © Emotions Agency


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