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‘Le Parallèle’ building

Courbevoie, France

‘Le Parallèle’ building

Courbevoie, France

Design of the exterior spaces of an office building


LAND'ACT / Atelier 2/3/4 (architects) / Saguez & Partners

Draft design in 2017 / Construction in 2019-2021 / Delivery in may 2021

Full mission

1.100.000 €

4 000 m² including a patio of 900 m² + terraces and a green roof

This tertiary complex in Courbevoie features a central patio, two garden areas (south and west) and several terraces.

Perceptible from the street, the patio is part of a more general framework that links architecture and landscape. Low, geometrically shaped clumps of maple trees generate partial views of the heart of the patio marked by three elegantly designed pebbles.

Perceptible from the avenue through its fence, the western garden connects the access to the rue du Moulin des Bruyères to the main hall of the building. It proposes an English courtyard treated as an extension of the sports hall. The gabion walls are planted with trees.

The layout of the south garden, which integrates the service road, the RIE terrace and the bicycle shelter, is aligned with the façade.
The two northwest and southeast terraces are organized as hanging gardens offering relaxation spaces.

Photo credit : © LAND'ACT


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