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Congress Center

Nîmes, France

Congress Center

Nîmes, France

Development of outdoor spaces as part of the construction of the future Congress Center near the Arena

Ville de Nîmes

LAND'ACT / Agence Chabanne & Partenaires + 3XN Architectes / Kéo Ingénierie / Atelier Roland Jeol (éclairage) / Marshall Day Acoustics / Scenarchie

Competition Winner in 2019

Full mission

35.000.000 € (all)

4 000 m² (outdoor spaces)

Enhancement of heritage

The future Palais des Congrès is in the heart of downtown Nîmes, in a dense urban context that is rich in terms of heritage. The project is part of and composes with the Museum of Romanity, the arenas of Nîmes and the archaeological garden. Thus, connections are created between the different public spaces in order to constitute a harmonious whole. A square using the vocabulary of the architectural facade marks the main entrance and invites you to walk through the Palais des Congrès.

The landscaped spaces highlight the heritage on the side of the archaeological garden and a landscaped valley structures the planted promenade for a vegetal atmosphere which gradually becomes urbanized with lounges, a planted tier oriented towards the archaeological garden.


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