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International High School

Saint-Germain-en-Laye, France

International High School

Saint-Germain-en-Laye, France

Landscaping of the school's outdoor spaces as part of its extension and restructuring

Conseil Général des Yvelines

LAND'ACT / Epicuria Architectes

Competition Winner in 2016 / Under construction in 2021

Full mission

around 5,000,000 €

5 hectares

A complex topography

Established since 1952 in the wooded estate of Hennemont Castle, the Lycée International now includes a kindergarten, an elementary school, a college and a high school.
Distributed on a site with complex and uneven topography, the dilapidated two buildings, the weakness of the surfaces and the major deficit of classrooms require the restructuring and renovation of almost all the equipment of the site as well as their surroundings.
This first stage of renovations aims in particular to bring the standards and the improvement of the living environment in line with the historical and vegetal heritage of the estate.

Stormwater management

The objective is to minimize as much as possible the discharge of water so as not to saturate the public sanitation network while maintaining a quality of the water discharged through it. The inclination of the slopes directs all the rainwater to the planted areas. Another advantage of rainwater retention is that they can be watered and maintained.


All the areas created have a common objective: to encourage the establishment and development of local biodiversity of flora and fauna. For this, we advocate a plant choice adapted to the conditions of the site as well as the establishment of shelters.


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