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Century Avenue

District de Pudong, Shanghai, Chine

Century Avenue

District de Pudong, Shanghai, Chine

Design of the main avenue of the Pudong business district

Shanghai Lujiazui Finance & Trave Dvpt. Co.

LAND'ACT / Arte Charpentier (architects) / EPAD (urbanist)

Competition Winner in 1999 / Design in 1999 / Delivery in 2001

Mission complète

50,000,000 $

5 km long by 100 m wide (50 hectares)

Spine of neighborhood

The project reflects this formidable ambition while respecting the potentialities and constraints of the place, with :
– A magnificent avenue, the backbone, but also the heart and lung of the district, a crossroads of all modes of transport (pedestrians, two-wheeled vehicles, motor vehicles, metro)
– A city to live, work, but also to relax, to cultivate, thus welcoming all the functions of the city and privileging their mix.

Pedestrian walkway landscaped

The planning party of Avenue du Siècle articulates eight major principles of composition that shape the project.
The first of these subtends particularly the entire image of the Avenue and consists of an asymmetrical treatment of the latter, so as to create, on each side of the right of way of the roadway, two spaces Pedestrians of different width.
This urban expression allows to constitute a veritable pedestrian walk, linking the banks of the Huangpu river to the place of the new city hall of Shanghai-Pudong.

Photo credit : © Land'Act


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