Paul Hochart School Group

L'Haÿ-les-Roses (94)

EIFFAGE Construction

LAND'ACT / Atelier Aconcept (architects) / EPDC / Betem Ingénierie

Competition Winner in 2020

Amount of work
18,000,000 €

4,870 m²


Development of the exterior spaces of the new school complex and the gymnasium, within the ZAC Paul Hochart

Crossed by the departmental green corridor, the project must respond to environmental and ecological issues while offering a quality space where different uses are mixed.
Thus, biodiversity, well-being, rest, play, educational and social aspects, etc. are all uses taken into account in the installations, both in the playgrounds and in the public spaces of the casting. green.
The project is intended to be both fun and aesthetic. The shapes drawn in the playgrounds are in harmony with those of the architecture and follow the curves of the roof. They offer children an ideal play support for the development of their intellect and their curiosity.

Kindergarten schoolyard

On the ground floor, the kindergarten courtyard has different spaces. These stand out from each other thanks to a play of colors and floor coverings. A central soft-floor playground accommodates fun and entertainment activities such as small hillocks, ideal for working on the balance of the little ones, floor games, spring games and a multi-activity structure.
Its circular shape resumes that of the opening in the roof of the building. It is accompanied by a plantation of lime trees that continues into the public space. These participate in the creation of an island of freshness. Their deciduous foliage brings light in winter and shade in summer, while their fragrant, honey-bearing blooms delight children while promoting local biodiversity.
On either side of this play area are organized active play areas and quiet play areas, delimited by colored ground markings and planting areas.

The grade schoolyard

On the primary level, the area dedicated to active games is larger. The theme is that of space. Children learn about the solar system and intergalactic travel there.
The organization of the courtyard continues to follow the curves of the building. The limit of the various play areas is materialized by colored ground markings.
The vegetation here plays a role of defending in order to keep children away from the edge of the roof. It also acts as a teaching aid through the establishment of vegetable plantations and fruit trees in containers.

The green flow

The Chemin des Bouteilles, which crosses the site from north to south-east, is an extension of the departmental green belt. Outside the lot, this space is subject to recommendations.
It is treated here as a densely vegetated promenade area and is organized around a central path that serves the forecourt of the school and the gymnasium.