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We are very pleased to announce that Agence Laverne Paysagistes is joining Land’Act!

Agency – PUBLISHED: 8 September 2022

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This union is based on a shared vision of the challenges of planning and sustainable and innovative management of territories, thanks to nature and landscape – the summer we have just experienced confirms the relevance of this vision, and the urgency of implementing Nature-based Adaptation Solutions (NBS) in all projects and at the right scale.

It is also an opportunity for Thierry Laverne to make a serene transition and to pass on his exceptional experience to the teams, to share his particular view and his commitment to the project process.

This “augmented Land’Act” will constitute a leading landscape and urban planning centre in France with 55 people, and will complete the talents and expertise of the agency, to broaden the range of its know-how, while reinforcing its legitimacy regarding our public and private clients, our partners architects, design offices and companies, to develop new urban and territories projects that are naturally economical, sustainable and resilient.

“Restoring the place and role of nature in our societies and lifestyles is essential to our resilience, and lies at the heart of our responsibilities towards environmental, social and food issues. This is our commitment and the meaning of the landscape project.”


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