According to Edward O. Wilson, who owns the invention of the neologism, “biophilia is an innate tendency to focus on life and lifelike process and to seek authentic or derivative, but intimate contact with the living in its different levels of expression “. This dimension, at the heart of the Landscaping-Designer practice, is now known to have a major impact on the quality of life in real estate and urban development, affecting both, our physical and mental health and our way of working…

In this spirit, Land’Act proposes a global approach to the place of plants, nature and living things in all its expressions, at the service of health improvement, pleasure and well-being for our real-estate projects users.

Nature in the city

Drawing on a rich and varied experience of almost 40 years, Land’Act landscape designers bring their expert advice to real estate project developers with the aim of giving the most generous plants presence possible.

With this philosophy, Land’Act professionals will proactively work to create the ideal conditions to help nature in the cities come to blossom by : green roof tops, vegetated walls, landscaped patios, “interior” landscapes, micro-gardens…

Social nature

Current studies on biophilia, particularly in the US, have proved that privileged contact with living things, plants and nature is a boost to human well-being, even more when evolving in a dense urban environment.

Positive effects on people’s health and even increased productivity in service sector were directly measured. French magazine, “Le Moniteur” dated from May 26th 2017 devoted a whole article to biophilia.

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